Our services offer the following distinct advantages over in-house researchers and other RPO firms.


By using our research services, you get the direct advantage of offshoring. You save on direct employee costs and do not have to bear payroll expenses, benefits, paid leave, bonus and infrastructure costs which add to a substantial amount over and above the base salary of an in-house researcher. Overall, you could save as much as 50 % of your current costs on internet research.


Once you sign on with us, you get a perpetual researcher with a very high reliability. We deploy back-up researchers and Team Leaders with in-depth knowledge of your account so that leaves and absences by our researcher are seamlessly backed-up and your work is not missed even for a day.

No attrition and training costs

You know how difficult it is to hire, train and retain in-house researchers which substantially adds to your costs. With our pre-trained, back-up capabilities we ensure that you incur zero attrition and training costs.


Your researcher is supported by his Team Leader who spends a lot of time in identifying and working out optimum search strategies. This frees the researcher to generate actual output for almost all the time available to him, unlike an in-house researcher who may need to spend a lot of time just figuring out the right keyword and search strategy. All the back-up time spent by the team leader is non-billable and thus adds more value to our output.

Best practices and benchmarking

With our years of accumulated experience we have developed world class best practices for all tasks, whether it be internet research or database management. We also have productivity benchmarks set for almost all tasks which are communicated to clients. An in-house researcher may not have the advantage of this knowledge and may deliver fluctuating output from time to time.


We have a capable in-house quality control team that checks all processes and output generated for the client.

R & D

Our R & D team constantly scans for new processes and techniques that can add value to our output for the client. This keeps us aware of the latest developments which we immediately implement on client accounts.