Candidate Sourcing

Active candidate sourcing :

We are familiar with all the major as well as niche job boards. We are experts in making and using job board specific combination of boolean search strings which ensures that we are able to extract maximum number of candidates in less time, with minimal resume views. We use the client job board subscriptions. We are also familiar with the operational nuances of individual job boards which further increases the efficiency of utilization.

We have an experienced " keyword team " in place which works with your researcher, checks your job brief, does research on keywords as necessary, tries out various keyword combinations and suggests the most optimum keyword sequence to the researcher. This " support time " ( not available to a solo in-house researcher ) is entirely non-billable, and delivers added value to our clients. With the increasing cost of accessing job boards, this efficient utilization of the boards alone can save you thousands of dollars per annum.

Passive candidate sourcing :

Our researchers are experts at advanced boolean searching for passive candidates on search engines, networking sites, company websites, directories, associations, alumni pages, regulatory and licensing boards etc. and can unearth difficult to find information. They use all advanced AIRS techniques like x-raying, flipping, peelback etc. and also our Proprietory Search Techniques that we have developed over the years.

In addition they are familiar with most databases and tools like Hoovers, Search-expo, Zoominfo, Mint, Sourcepoint, Broadlook, Onesource, D & B, Hillsearch etc. and can use them whenever needed. They are experts at working out productive strategies for using networking sites. This includes building your linkedin networks, mining them and updating your database on a regular basis.

Since there are multiple approaches to passive searches, the Team Leader works with the researcher in checking out search strategies and selecting the most optimum search strategy to work on. Again, this " support time " is non-billable and gives us an edge over a solo in-house researcher.

Database candidate search :

Your database, build up over a period of time, is the most valuable resource available to you. Our researchers search for candidates / companies within your database and put them into appropriate folders / roll-up lists for convenient access by your recruiters.