Database management

Your database, which has been built up over years, is invaluable to your team as a source of companies and candidates, provided the data is fresh and up-to-date. We spend a significant time working on our client's databases on the following activities:

Building and expanding :
We research and find new data, enter in database and code appropriately for easy retrieval. You can add information for an existing desk or build up a new desk.

Day to day updating :
Clients send us candidate related information and correspondence on a daily basis via e-mail using which we build calls, enter candidate / client activities, schedule client calls, candidate interviews etc.

Cleaning up :
Merging duplicates, updating with current information, deleting bad records, segregating inactive companies / candidates, building e-mails using company e-mail formats etc.

Bulk mailing :
Bulk mails to shortlisted candidates, bulk mails to update database and candidate information and e-mails, bulk mails to hiring authorities about a great candidate etc.

Coding :
This is a key activity that adds tremendous value to your existing database. Based on your requirement, we work out a coding plan and code existing / new companies and candidates for easy searchability by your recruiters.